After a successful workshop and performance hosted for the inpatient adolescents at Bellevue Hospital, Borne plans to focus on mental health artistic workshops and performances in our next season. While we do not focus on emotions or feelings in our workshops, we do strive to give our students the tools they might need to cope with negative situations they may be experiencing. Our workshops are designed to help people find their own artistic expression in a safe and open minded environment. We believe art can be a healthy outlet, and we would like to teach others how to develop and nurture their artistic abilities. Our workshops are designed to incorporate dance, writing, and visual art to give our students a variety of art forms that they might connect with. Workshops may be a one time event, or can be hosted bi weekly or monthly. Please contact us if you would like more information or would like to host us at your facility. Below is a written recommendation from Deniz Oktay, the Supervising Creative Arts Therapist at Bellevue Hospital.


“I recently worked with Borne Dance and was very impressed by their swift communication, passion for their work and sensitivity to the particulars of the venue we planned together. From the start, the Director, Katie, responded quickly to my inquiry in having them conduct a workshop and performance with teens at a psychiatric facility in the City. Katie and members of the Borne Dance group really listened to the particular limitations of our venue and ended up creating a distinct and rich workshop for the teenagers, along with a wonderful performance. The members of the group generously shared their own struggles with mental health issues and how using the arts helped them overcome their personal struggles. It was very inspiring to see the kids engaging in the arts and by the end of the event, the kids asked many questions which indicated how touched they were the experience.”

Deniz Oktay,


Supervising Creative Arts Therapist

Bellevue Hospital Center